Name: Matthew Gedert
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Photographer: Matthew Gedert
Brand Name of Kit: Revell 1940 Ford Truck
Chopped, Channeled, lowered. Z’d front frame, rear frame is from the revell wrecker. Wheels and tires are from the Revell wrecker and holes in wheels are drilled out. Tear drop flames cut out of the fenders and backed with mesh screen. engine is a flat head V8 with Arden heads wired and plumbed. Velocity stacks are made from Aluminum tubing. The bed has been narrowed. The bed is real wood with push pin heads for carriage bolts. Fuel tank is out of parts box. Exhaust is made from a combination of Aluminum tubing and side pipes from parts box. The seats are scratch built from necklace wire,the seat bases are steel wheels. Transmission tunnel is mesh screen and diamond plate. Door panels are diamond plate. Glove box is cut out and missing the door. Steering wheel is scratch built from a 4 way lug wrench and chain. Has a copy of welding for dummies and Rat Rod magazine on passenger seat. The grill, shifter, tail light, gas, brake pedals and front bumper are skeleton bones. The rust finish is 100% craft acrylic paints sponged on. Rust and Rods Garage is hand painted on.