Soccer Team Hauler

Name: Marty Bohn
Location: Houston, Texas
Photographer: Myself
Brand name of kit(s): Mostly scratch from sheet syrene but parts from a 1/25 scale Revell Peterbilt semi truck kit
This kit is a gift for a friend of mine who is a FC Dallas fan. I used parts from a 1/25 scale Revell Peterbilt semi truck kit, but most of the model is scratch built from sheet styrene.
The engine and wheels are from a 1/18 scale muscle machine die cast car, so my model is quite large at 14 inches long.
The paint is custom mixed Tamiya to match the team colors and the decals are custom printed off testers paper.
I wet sanded the clear down to 12000 grit which gave a decent finish.
The bench seats are scratch built from sheet plastic and very thin bass wood, then gloss poly’ed multiple times.
The bodywork was quite complex as I had to chop, channel, lengthen, and lower the cab from the Revell kit to get the look I wanted and to fit the massively oversized blower unit through the hood.
The absolute worst part was hand painting all those soccer balls. I also made the ball racks out of soldered brass rod painted black.
All in all, the model took about 4 months to complete and sits under a custom acrylic case from Specialty Plastics.