Name: Lewis Boot
Location: Variety of places
Photographer: Lewis Boot
Brand name of kit(s): Fujimi
Hey! This my 1/24 fujimi honda civic Type R
I bought the kit back in 2014 as the previous owner bought the kit to build up another honda because there was missing parts! So when i bought the kit i had a few bits missing! When i started the kit i sprayed the body ice white with red bucket seats, few stickers , private ek9 plates and sitting on 5 star spilt rims in chrome! That lasted 7 month before i disliked and needed to rebuilt! So i stripped the paint back off every part on this kit! The body has been sprayed gloss black with clear and been cleaned! The interior was sprayed satan black with blue bucket seats and quick realse stering wheel in blue! A jdm gear knob in blue with gold sprinkles ghost subwoofer sitting on parcel shelf! A 1/24 ipad sitting in between the dash covering the radio! Unfortunately i cant get a picture to show you guys because my pictures are in my computer 🙁 anyway the body has e original ek9 spoiler tilted upwards! The ek9 lights got re done a polished red! The wing mirrors are not the orignal i found these and they looked good. I think there off a lamborghini! It has straight pipe handmade! Has a camber on the back with rims i cant rember the name of! They have stretched tyres! The windows have a few stickers on and there slight tint on side then rear is limousine window! The underside has been all repainted looking nice! I like it alot more now and i think thats how it should look for now! Any questions ask me on instagram or facebook to see my other builds too!