Name: Murrins_custom_models
Location: UK
Photographer: Murrins_custom_models
Brand name of kit: Tamiya
The base for this kit is the 2015 tamiya Nissan GTR R32 nismo kit the colour that I have chosen is Tamiya TS 53 deep metallic with 3 coats of hycote gloss clear. The wheels that I have used for this kit are BBs LMS from the Tamiya Nissan Skyline R33 Castrol race car the Chrome has been left on the outer lip with the insides painted in Tamiya x 12 gold leaf finished off with two coats of Revell clear. For the interior I kept it’s black mainly but with tank grey Alcantara style inserts I included a custom shifter and also a grip royal style steering wheel. For the engine it is basically as it comes nismo apart from I have extended the intercooler piping to attach to the intercooler which is not what Tamiya include in the kit the decals all around the car are BBs logos with the Nissan badges and GTR badges being metal emblems.

Paint list of paints used:
Tamiya ts-53 deep metalic blue
Tamiya x-12 gold leaf
Tamiya x-27 clear red
Tamiya x-26 clear orange
Tamiya x-23 clear blue
Revell 99 silver metalic
Revell 01 gloss clear
Revell 78 tank grey
Chrome spray – unknown brand