Tamiya rx7 Tourer

Name: Alexander Salomon
I thought I would send through my latest build. This is my third vehicle completed and the idea behind it was an inspiration of Georges visionone24 Rx7 but with a touring theme. So more built for hitting most open roads and being a state to state kind of vehicle. Looks were important but the practicality needed to be kept. So she started life out as the following
Tamiya rx7 kit
Built box stock
Front fog delete
Rear windscreen wiper delete
Wheels are ssr sp3 19inch with a slight lower and camber
A monster pipe sticks out the back to keep the flames clear of the body
Body colour is Ppg rosso corsa from a Ferrari 458. The wheels are painted in a custom bronze brown that has a light gold flake for pop. All items are cleared using RM urethane Clearcoat.
The body is stayed clear of all stickers but a few have been placed over the dome shaped rear window for a change of colour.
A massive shout out to visionone24 for his clean builds and for always being an amazing source of inspiration. Also a big thumbs up for the work scaledworld are doing in the community as well as being a platform for people to share their passion and love for building.