Tamiya Subaru

Name: Richard Penn
Location: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Photographer: Owner
Brand name of kit(s): Tamiya Subaru Impreza WRX 98 Monte Carlo
Tamiya 98 monte carlo
Aoshima 19inch wheels
Fujimi rear difuser (rx7 direct fit no mods)
Fujimi gt tuner rear muffler (joined to standard issue exhaust)
Fujimi gt tuner rear wing
Custom boot lid (Do-luck style) has been de rallied spoiler
Roof has been de rallied (roof pods removed)
Custom 2pac paint mix (black with purple pearl)
Interior has been half de rallied
Dash board (passanger side rally spec deleted)
Roll cage paint in a candy orange over gold base
Detailed under carriage
The car was built as a tough curbside street racer . Build time was around 40 hrs and just over a month to build, I have 3 kids and don’t get as much time on the bench as I would like, I would have like to have put a motor in it now, the fact is some time doing to much will ruin the ride.