Name: Petegridie
Location: Yonkers NY
Photographer: Dee Gon
Brand name of kit: Aoshima
This kit started off as a 4 door since they don’t make the 2door, so I got in touch with Richie Cabral “Richie El Jeffty” down in Miami for a the conversion & paint. got to say paint came out killer thanks Richie. This car sat for awhile untouch because I was in the search for some old school Toyota wheels when I hit up Misha Samarsky from USCP Ukrainian Scale Car Production with the idea of getting these “Toyota Teta Wheels” 3D printed & got to say they did a great job on them. Once I got them I hit up my boy Dee Gon from Diversfied Scalerz to see if he can finish this project for me & quickly told me yes… the result on all parties came out awesome & this is what this hobby is all about helping one another & keeping the scale world alive & going…