Name: ClayDavis on Facebook
Location: Baltimore Maryland
Photographer: Clay Davis
Brand name of kit(s): Aoshima Toyota Hilux Lowrider custom truck
-Exterior Mods:
Lowrider truck to war time technical conversion. Male to female wheel install conversion. 18″ Aoshima Work S1 wheels. Scratch Built gun racks. Detail junkies Mini cardboard box, and camel cigarrette pack in the truck bed. Chad Underwood simulated illegal substance. Real truck bed liner on the truck bed. Scratch Built tactical truck bed net cover. Working tailgate, aloha snackbar decal. LUGK model club renegade front vanity plate, and rear JDM “Truckin” vanity plate. Weather paint job with weathered suspension parts. Altered front control arms for camber to tuck wheels in the fenders

-Interior mods:
Detail junkies Navigation system in place of the radio, and camel cigarrette pack in the consol. Alpine rear door speakers and amps.