Here is the 1/24 scale pop can tutorial. You will need the templates. Downloadable further down.

Tools you need:
-modeling knife
-super glue
-PC and Printer for the label (also you can use decal print paper, then you don’t need glue)

Material you need:
-printed label, can top and bottom
-3mm round plastic beams

Download Labels here
[wpdm_package id=’5837′]

1. Cut out the label

2. Use the super glue and glue the label tightly around the plastic beam.

3.Take the modelling knife and cut off the left over plastic beam.

4. Cut out the top and bottom of the can.

5. Glue on the printed top and bottom.

6. Finish

Put it on your diorama. You can also use decal print paper, it would be a better finish and you don’t need glue.








Tutorial done by JDM in scale24 Facebook Page