Name: Ricky WallaceTelford
Location: Pa
Photographer: Photos taken by me from phone
Brand Name of kit(s):Revell VW Rabbit US version
The Rabbit kit comes as an early US version with round headlights, short taillights and bulky US bumpers. I have owned 2-1983 and 2-1984 US Rabbit GTIs which have many different features from its German counterparts. So naturally i converted my kit into an 83/84 GTI with square headlights, long taillights, front spoiler, and front bumper gap filler. To set my car apart from a stock GTI I have added custom BBS wheels with aluminum lips made by BUCKEYESCALEAUTO. As for the motor i have added a scratch built finned valve cover, and a period correct scratch built Callaway turbo setup. The interior has a stock GTI look but with RECARO seats that i added real fabric to mimic the factory cloth. I also added an accordion shift boot and golf ball shift knob. The exterior has been painted gloss black with rear GTI BADGES. That about sums up the specifications of my 83/84 US Rabbit GTI. This is by far my favorite build to date! Thank you for the privilege of being featured on your website!

Scaledword: Thank you Ricky for your submission, Model well!