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Wespe Models is a firm that manufactures high-quality model automobiles and trucks and attempts to provide a broad choice of exact replicas of such vehicles. We manufacture entire model car kits, as well as painted and built model vehicles, mostly from resin.
We provide RTF kits (ready to fit). This indicates that all parts are free of manufacturing burrs. It’s then only a matter of painting and fitting, or if the parts are already painted, it’s just a matter of fitting them together like Lego bricks.

wes's model car corner
wes’s model car corner.

Available Model Automobiles and Trucks

Available Model Automobiles and Trucks
Available Model Automobiles and Trucks

A significant portion of these model kits include a diverse assortment of automobiles. Our inventory includes antique and classic model automobile kits, as well as fully constructed versions of the same models.

During their heyday, these scale model automobiles were dubbed “road stars.” There are quite a few distinct versions, which also vary by manufacturer.

These model truck kits, the most of which are one-of-a-kind, were utilized by the Wehrmacht and other troops during World War II. This implies that the majority of our model vehicle kits are military-themed.

Weeps Models also sells accessories for these vehicles. Cranes, tank traps, drum sets, and trailers are just some of the accessories available.

The art of shopping

The art of shopping
The art of shopping

We make shopping on our site really simple. All you have to do is make an account in the system, which will enable you to look through the numerous models we provide and choose the ones that appeal to you.

Add them to your “cart,” and after you’ve completed your shopping for your selections, you’ll be able to check out these things.

Bear in mind that establishing an account entitles you to more than a convenient shopping experience; it also entitles you to a gift certificate.


The models shown on this page are not imported; they are entirely manufactured in our non-profit organization, from the first prototype, in whole or in part, to the completed kit or fully assembled and painted model.

Thus, when you place an order with Wespe Models, you have the option of purchasing a completed model truck or automobile or, if you prefer, a model car kit.

These model automobile kits provide additional modification choices based on personal desire. These scale model kits provide detailed instructions on how to construct your model, as well as color images on the box indicating appropriate colors to use.

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