Name: Brian Kirby
Location: North Texas
Photographer: Brain Kirby
Brand name of kit: AMT/Ertyl
I noticed everyone else was doing the post apocalypse “Mad Max” thing; but no one was going with the present popular survivor thing; so…

“Zombie Apocalypse Survivors Truck”

I started with the Revell ’99 Chevy Silverado kit; with proper weathering and damage I felt the truck would go through as it made its way through the streets and back alleys of the city as well as the asphalt and dirt roads of the country. As you can see, the truck has had many “run ins” with the undead as well as some of the living judging from some of the substained damage. The “survivor” has bedding (felt sheet), box of canned food (scratchbuilt), and first aid kit (parts box) in the back seat, and a Magnum and Shotgun up front for protection. The machete on the dash is scratchbuilt, as is the rolls of quarters for the shotgun (idea borrowed from the Resident Evil movie). Everything in the bed is from the parts box from various kits and such. The various zombie parts are from 2 “Mechanic Set” figures cut up and placed in different areas of the set up. Hope you enjoy!